4-Day Yoga & Mindfulness Horse Retreat  

A Mexico Retreat that Goes BEYOND Yoga 

Imagine waking up, to jump on a horse, ride to the top of a hill, to flow through morning yoga overlooking all of Mexico with your closest adventure-seeking friends…

Will that be you?  

How might it feel to CHOOSE to say YES to your desires and needs to reset this summer? How might it choose to dive deeper into ALIGNING how you feel with your divine purpose?

How often do you choose to do what needs to get done instead of what you truly want and need? When was the last time you did something just for yourself? Of simply for your own sanity? Invest in yourself. Invest in an experience that will bring home a more mindful you with memories of riding through the hills on horseback, swimming under the warming Mexico sun, hanging in a hammock reading that book you’ve been meaning to read, and get past the block s that you’ve been holding back in a healing circles and Consciousness Rehab sessions with Katherine Riley. Welcome to the turning point in your health & wellness goals for the second half of 2018!

4-Day Yoga & Mindfulness Horse Retreat  

A Mexico Yoga & Mindset Retreat That Brings Home A More Mindful YOU  

Typical Results  

• Unplug completely from the constantly beeping devices, the mind-chatter, and the expectations of our daily routines to choose how you spend your time – whether by the pool reading, riding horses through the hills, or flowing through yoga, breath work, or meditation overlooking all of Mexico, you’ll feel more free than ever before!  

• Get past the “stuck” feelings holding you back from expressing your truest self. Take away practical and spiritual tools to apply far beyond the four-day transformational weekend  

• Experience connection with self, community, and animal in an entirely new way – facilitating deeper healing and self-realization  

• Be a part of an adventurous group, powerfully dedicated to developing their sense of self further through energy work, yoga, breath work, meditation, horseback riding, intuitive eating, and fun in the sun!  

This is for you if…  

• You’re tired of working incessantly on yourself and getting the same results  

• You’re burned out from the constant demands of your day-to-day lifestyle  

• You’ve never tried yoga or horseback riding and are looking to be more focused and grounded.  

• You’re ready to BE more connected to your purpose.  

• You’re ready to activate your divine gifts and have fun doing it!  

• You’re ready to see results in all areas of your lifestyle.  

How It Works 

 From San Diego:  

• Drive to Tecate border with all your friends 

• Park in safe parking lot

• Walk a few feet across the US/Mexico border

• Meet Katherine & Rahul to take you to the private estate, less than an hour from the border  

• Enjoy private estate for four days of complete relaxation and inner transformation  

• Rahul will then drop us all back off at the border and we’ll head home by car, the way we came!

From Anywhere Else:

• Fly into the San Diego International Airport or take train into San Diego Old Town Station  

• Hitch a ride with a mindful buddy and drive to the border (email Katherine@fitandfreelifestyle to coordinate) & follow directions above!  

What you get (all-inclusive price)

 • Authentic Private Ranch in Mexico rich in Spanish Culture — not a run-of-the-mill resort and much nicer than a simple ranch  

• Unplug — no wifi or conventional electricity (you will hardly notice it, as you will be able to see more stars than ever before!)  

• Relax in your own little casita with all the amenities- full plumbing, carnosine lamps, cozy beds, towels/soap, etc.  

• Mindful menu created personally by Katherine Riley (included fresh juices daily)  

• Access to well-trained previously showcased rodeo horses (Horses are FULL of energy- not just the run of the mill trail horses!)  

• Daily Yoga Instruction in places you can hardly imagine -- including locations we will RIDE TO - overlooking everything!!  

• Daily Guided Meditation with Breathwork -- connect with your body and mind in a completely new way  

• Learn more about the basics of your energy in Retreat Workshop - gain lifelong tools for implementation far beyond the 4-day retreat • Time to relax, enjoy and soak up acres of private land, enjoy the pool, journal, read… take time for yourself!  

• Lifelong memories to be made  

At a Glance:

Who: You & Your Closest Friends, Family, or Loved Ones  

What: 4-day Yoga & Mindfulness Horse Retreat  

When: June 7-10, 2018  

Where: Authentic & Private Ranch in Mexico (1hr south of San Diego)  

Why: Because you're ready for some fun, relaxation, and a chance to enjoy life even more fully BEYOND the 4-day weekend!  


If you sign up before February 1, receive a free full 30min session with me.

Next Steps

Upon signup, you will receive an email with Retreat Updates, Reminders, Terms & Conditions Paperwork, and the 4-Day Yoga & Mindfulness Horse Retreat Schedule!

Questions? Email Katherine@fitandfreelifestyle.com!